What people say about us

David Jonsen
SweTree Technologies, Umea (SWE)

I am very pleased with the work you have been doing and your service minded attitude towards this project, a non-standard project that needs a customized approach.

Mark Aarts
Associate professor in Plant Genetics, Wageningen University (NLD)

We were able to make an excellent map to anchor our genome assembly. IGATech support was very helpful.

Ales Maver
MD, Clinical Institute of Medical Genetics, Ljubljana (SVN)

IGATech has been a reliable, professional and helpful service provider since the start of our collaboration. In addition, their staff has always been friendly and willing to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Carlo Nobile
Senior Researcher at Neuroscience Institute of the National Research Council, Padova - Italy

The exome and targeted sequencing service provided by IGATech are of high quality. They also provide a substantial and versatile bioinformatics support that is very helpful for prioritizing exome sequence variants.

Raffaele Teperino
PhD, Head of Environmental Epigenetics at the Helmholtz Centre Munich - Germany

Sequencing constitutes a substantial part of our research. We’ve been working with IGATech since 2 years and we’re extremely satisfied. IGATech is a young, research oriented company whose major strengths are the flexibility, speed, and the cost-effectiveness coupled to an absolute high-quality service. I would suggest IGA to any group who wants more than a sequencing facility, rather looking for a research partner to be involved in each step of your projects, from experimental design to data analysis.

Havelka Miloš
Hokkaido University, Sapporo (JPN)

IGATech provided ddRAD data with adequate coverage to analyze the unexplored sturgeon genome. We are happy for the analytical support we received from them.

Prof. Mario Enrico Pè
Director of the Institute of Life Sciences, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa (ITA)

Over the past years we came to heavily rely on the excellent services provided by IGATech, whose expertise, efficiency, helpful and custom-oriented attitude accompanied us in our scientific growth in the field of genomics. A recent service extension is their double enzyme ddRAD Seq approach we are currently using with great success in several crop species.

Norma Beatriz PANIEGO
INTA Instituto Nacional de Tecnologìa Agropecuaria, Castelar (ARG)

IGATech provided us service and support that was successful for de novo genotyping in the large and complex sunflower genome. High levels of genetic diversity were captured and provided an ideal approach to achieve genomic coverage in sunflower conservation and breeding.