Bioinformatics support

As NGS platforms can generate massive data, scientists started to face the ever increasing requirements for data manipulation, analysis and interpretation.


While the cost for data generation has democratized the utilization of NGS platform, the investment for software development, analysis design, computational infrastructure and consolidated experience in the field have become the limiting factor for many labs or professionals. IGATech is offering a dedicated line of bioinformatics support which encompasses varying levels of assistance, depending on the needs of our customers. These services are offered also for data that has not been generated in our facility.


IGATECH Bronze Get your biological interpretation-ready results from our standard analysis pipelines. These include state-of-art workflows for RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, BS-Seq, RRBS-Seq, Variant calling and annotation, Metagenomics, ddRAD/GBS, Target Enrichment, de novo assembly, gene prediction and many more. 

IGATECH Silver Include custom manipulation of data and ad-hoc graphical representation to your standard analysis. We will support you for publication-ready data.

IGATECH Gold From experimental design to customized data analysis. This will include development of customized pipelines, software and the evaluation of several methodologies to ensure the delivery of robust data for biological relevant interpretation. Receive a dedicated support from our bioinformatics staff.

IGATECH Platinum Our complete support with the ability to have a step-by-step consulantancy as data is generated during a long-term project. Software and pipelines can be revised and new methodologies evaluated by means of active data inspection during each stage of the project. Receive a dedicated support from our bioinformatics staff.


Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details on service levels.

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