Serving Hungry Scientists

Our technologies and expertise at the service of food producers to consolidate and improve their business cost-effectively. We are using innovative strategies and advanced sequencing technologies to trace food origin and safety, increase the efficiency of plant and animal breeding and support sustainable development.

Providing end-to-end supports from sample to data analysis to public and private research. We use state-of-art sequencing and bioinformatics to tackle complex biological questions. Our services range from exploring genome structure and functionality for all organisms to the application of clinical diagnostics for human health.

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30 Aug 2023

Unlock the Power of Ultra-Long Nanopore Reads! Join our exclusive webinar on the 12th of October @14.30 CEST and discover how to harness the full potential of Oxford Nanopore Technologies' ultra-long nanopore reads.

All in one: structural, nucleotide, and epigenetic variations via ultra-long nanopore reads with phase information.

Third generation sequencing techniques (such as Oxford Nanopore Technologies) have overcome the limits of previous short read sequencing techniques, leading to an increase in the capacity of detecting and annotating variants ...