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Our technologies and expertise at the service of food producers to consolidate and improve their business cost-effectively. We are using innovative strategies and advanced sequencing technologies to trace food origin and safety, increase the efficiency of plant and animal breeding and support sustainable development.

Providing end-to-end supports from sample to data analysis to public and private research. We use state-of-art sequencing and bioinformatics to tackle complex biological questions. Our services range from exploring genome structure and functionality for all organisms to the application of clinical diagnostics for human health.

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07 Feb 2024

Exploring the Microbiome Composition in Diverse Citrus Accessions: Implications of Field Treatments! Join our exclusive webinar on the 16th of February @14.00 CEST

Gain insight into the core-citrus carposphere microbiome composition and function

Learn on  changes under different phytosanitary treatments applied in the field: who are plant-beneficial microbes and how bacterial and fungal communities respond to biological and copper-antimicrobials.
Find out why the integration of  amplicon-sequencing with traditional cultivable-dependent techniques is a powerful approach to enhancing disease management strategies.

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