de novo assembly

IGATech has long standing experience in genome assembly, always adopting the latest technologies, protocols and methods. Our mission is to provide consultancy and expertise to our customer in order to plan the optimal and most convenient strategy for de novo assembly projects. 

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Nucleic acids extraction
Long reads

A complete platform

  1. Duplex basecall Q30+ (Oxford Nanopore)
  2. Ultra-long reads (Oxford Nanopore)
  3. Proximity-reads (Hi-C)
  4. Extraction of HMW DNA
  5. Illumina sequencing up to 250bp paired reads


  1. Genome assembly with state-of-art algorithms
  2. Genome anchoring via genetic maps and Hi-C data
  3. Phased diploid reconstruction with Hi-C data
  4. Gene prediction and annotation
  5. Comparative genomics (synteny, pan-genome analysis)
  6. Hosting of dedicated genome browsers

De novo sequencing

With the establishment and continuous improvement of NGS technologies, the reconstruction of whole genomes has become an affordable task over the time. Depending on the complexity of genomes, different strategies and technologies can be leveraged to pursue a task that used to require hundreds of thousands of dollars budget; now this task become feasible in the order of few thousands of dollars and less, down to hundreds of dollars for small genomes such as fungi and bacteria.

I am very pleased with the work you have been doing and your service minded attitude towards this project, a non-standard project that needs a customized approach.

David Jonsen

SweTree Technologies, Umea (SWE)


The cutting-edge

Newer technologies have opened possibilities to improve the reconstruction of complex genomes, such as those of human, animal and plants. The key aspects to pursue nearly complete and exhaustive genome reconstruction is the ability to resolve repeats and distinguish between alleles and/or homolog regions in polyploid species. Such features bring complexity during the assembly procedure which is impossible to disentangle with short sequences alone. 

At IGATech we have acquired all the technologies and expertise to deliver state-of-art genome assemblies. Among those, long reads (Oxford Nanopore PromthION) and HiC-Seq protocols to provide all the resolution to reconstruct true diploid - phased - assemblies.








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