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Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics analysis

Concurrent analysis of whole microbial communities that may not be found using other available methods.

Sample all genes and transcripts in all organisms present in a given sample

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Efficient analysis of functional players

The exome represents less than 1.5% of the genetic code, but contains ~85% of known disease-related variants. Exome-seq is a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome sequencing applied across a wide range of applications, including population genetics, genetic disease and cancer studies.

In combination with SureSelect Exome, linked-reads technology from 10X Genomics allows to call and phase variants across the entire exome and provide accessibility to low complexity or repetitive regions, which short reads alone fail to resolve.


All genetic tests in one

Obtain high-resolution base-by-base view of the genome and capture both large and small variants that might otherwise be missed. Survey non coding regions and structural variations which are clinically relevant.

By implementing 10X Genomics Chromium system we use the power of linked reads for the reconstruction of haplotype blocks greater than 10 Mbp, including SNPs and structural variation with increased mapping efficiency in repetitive regions.


Limitless resolution

Our continuous commitment for state-of-art technologies allow us to serve solutions in complex experiments. From the analysis of picograms of RNA to the simultaneous analysis of thousands of single cells derived from tissues, cell banks, blood and more.

Give more value to your experiments by adopting latest resources in RNA-Seq world.

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