Agrigenomics Solutions

What we eat daily
drives health and life quality.

Foodmakers' service

Genomics at foodmakers' service.

IGATech helps you in consolidating the quality of your products

Buffalo or sheep?

Ensure the integrity of any food substrate with detection of small amount of undesired biological contamination. Access the genomics tools for simple and comprehensive screening of food integrity at any stage of production chain, from raw material to shelves. Food adulteration identified in a one-stop assay, working with any source of biological contamination.

The quality of food, assessed, to an affordable price.

With worldwide mobility of alimentary goods, customers will ask for certified quality and integrity on what they eat. Is your business ready to guarantee its value?
  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Resolve animal and plant contaminations in a single assay
  • In-house sequencing
  • Tailored support in data interpretation

Ensure genetic origins.

As the source type affects considerably the outcome of food processing and its final value to the customers, the possibility to assess the genetic purity of starting material (being animals or plants) is pivotal. This is why we can quantitatively inspect which genotypes (i.e. cultivars, strains, breeds) are present in a certain substrate by sequencing its residual DNA with state-of-the-art methods.

The methodology provides a simple test at an affordable price, with great scalability.

Compare your product to known genetic resources to obtain a precise fingerprint of its composition.

The value of your product is the value of your business. IGA Tech is your partner to take control on your production supply quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Maintain your proprietary database of markers
  • In-house sequencing
  • Tailored support in data interpretation
  • Quantitative assay

How to choose,
the best.

Enhance your breeding by taking advantage of next-generation sequencing. IGATech developed a scalable protocol to generate thousands to hundreds of thousands molecular markers, for any species, with or without a reference genome.

IGATech has obtained licensing rights for the distribution of patent protected genotyping by sequencing solutions.

IGATech also provides alternative solutions for target genotyping with state-of-the-art and novel techniques.

Need to catalog genetic variability? To map quantitative or Mendelian traits? To generate molecular markers for specific genes or genomics regions? IGATech has the solution for you.

Does your breeding program require more cost-effective, cutting-edge technologies to cope with the production demands?
  • Licensed methods
  • Cost-effective
  • Customized protocols
  • Great scalability
  • In-house sequencing
  • Support in experimental design