Single-cell RNA-Seq

In complex processes such as those accounted in tissue and organs development, immunology, cancer progression, brain plasticity, the cell heterogenity is known to play a crucial role. Individual cells, with distinct fates, interactions, activity are the effective resolution to understand life, in all its layers.

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Single-cell RNA-Seq


  1. Scalable analysis from hundreds to tens of thousands of cells
  2. Assistance in experimental design and sample management
  3. Cell count and vitality assessment QC
  4. Sample pooling for cost reduction (hashing)
  5. Free basic bioinformatics

True resolution

For many years, the study of transcriptome dynamics has been carried with tecnologies such as RNA sequencing and microarrays, just to name a few. These techniques usually require several million of cell to yield a pool of template RNA and be subject of the measurement. This, while being an established, robust and cost-effective experimental set-up, it provides an averaged sampling of all transcriptomes across a cell population. 

IGAtech, by adopting 10X Genomics technology, is offering the possibility to its customer to move to a new paradigm. The platform is capable to simultaneously tag hundreds to tens of thousands cell within a single library. After sequencing, reads can be assigned to the original cell and based on transcriptome profile is possible to distinguish subpopulations, trajectory of development, states, and discover marker genes associated with such. Moreover, oligo-antibody conjugates can be used to selectively tag specific cell types and measure the abundance of certain surface proteins and precisely stratify cells based on their differentiation state. 

NEW: Cell hashing

We recently tested and validated multi-sample barcoding system. The basic principle is to tag different samples with specific oligo tags conjugated with non-selective antibodies and then follow standard procedure of sample preparation and sequencing. This brings two extremely important benefits:


  • All samples are processed in the same experiments removing batch effect.
  • A single preparation reagents set is used for several samples, dramatically reducing costs.


If you are interested to enter the single-cell RNA-seq resolution, we are looking forward to help you. Please contact us and plan your experimental set-up with one of our experts.


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