Single-cell CNV

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The hidden diversity

Genomic analysis of cell populations have been so far limited (unless applying difficult and expensive experiments) to the sequencing of the whole. Isolation of each subclonal population is possible for normal cell lines but this exercize become impossible (or strongly biased) for complex and pathogenic tissues such as in tumor. The ability to reconstruct the effective landscape of genetic heterogeneity is pivotal to understand tumor progression and implementing personalized therapies.


The Chromium (10X Genomics) system, adopted by IGATech, has open new possibilities in the analysis of complex multi-clonal cell populations. The CNV profiling of hudreds or thousands of cells is obtained from a single sample in a single experiment. CNV are then used as a fingerprint to detect and catalog each sub-clonal population in the sample. These sub-conal population are then classified based on their ploidy level. This information will be effective in deciphering the developmental trajectories of the cell mass (potentially correlating with spatiality) and clonality of cell lines.


If you are interested in exploiting single-cell CNV analysis to gain deep understanding of cell lines clonality or tissue heterogeneity, we are looking forward to help you. Please contact us and plan your experimental set-up with one of our experts.


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