Our continuous commitment to follow and test the latest protocols and tools, as well as to develop new ones, assures the implementation of the state-of-the-art procedures and the optimization of the experimental design. A quality-centric RNA-Seq service.

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Nucleic acids extraction


  1. Stranded libraries
  2. rRNA depletion
  3. Depletion of unwanted transcripts
  4. UMI-tagged libraries
  5. Ultra-low input
  6. Full-length cDNA sequencing with Nanopore

Supported Analyses

  1. Differential expression 
  2. Non-coding RNA analysis
  3. De novo assembly of transcripts
  4. Allelic-specific expression analysis
  5. SNP discovery
  6. Clustering analysis



We’ve been working with IGATech and we’re extremely satisfied. I would suggest IGATech to any group who wants more than a sequencing facility, rather looking for a research partner to be involved in each step of your projects, from experimental design to data analysis.

Raffaele Teperino, PhD
Head of Environmental Epigenetics
Helmoholtz Center, Munich (Germany)



Targeted depletion of unwanted transcripts results in a significant reduction in sequencing reads derived from cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNAs, globin, chloroplasts, housekeeping genes, or any other transcript species that may not be relevant to a study, for more efficient use of sequencing resources.

As a part of our standard procedure we prepare strand oriented RNA-seq “libraries” that maintain the information on which strand the original mRNA template is coming from, allowing to accurately determine gene expression from overlapping genes or to discover antisense regulators.


Tools for efficient cDNA generation from ultra-low inputs supporting research in areas previously hampered by quantity are part of our portfolio.

For the high-throughput single cell RNA-Seq we use 10x Genomics Chromium System that permits to perform deep profiling of heterogeneous populations with digital gene expression on a cell-by-cell basis ensuring that biologically relevant signals of individual cells are not masked by bulk average measurements.

Long-reads sequencing platform (Nanopore) is used in the context of projects where full lenght transcripts are sequenced to obtain fine structure of iso-form to study their differential expression ot to fine annotate de novo assembled genomes. 


Analysis of RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation that maps RNA-protein associations in vivo by discovering genome-wide RNA molecules of any type that physically interact with a regulatory protein or protein complex. This as many other custom bioinfomatics analyses can be performed on request. Please enquire

We also provide full support on study design to ensure correct sequencing and bioinformatics strategies are used to meet your project goals. Our expert will consult with you about your specific requirements, and will also be your technical resource and point of contact for the length of your project. See bioinformatics.


For every project we want to make sure that the outcome will meet your expectations

RNA-Seq bundle
Samples number
Read length
Starting from
mRNA stranded library
+ 30M paired reads
147 euro
24+ 172 euro
total RNA-Seq library
+ human/mouse/rat rRNA depletion
+ 30M paired reads 
209 euro
12+ 239 euro
ultra-low input
stranded totalRNA-Seq*
+ 30M paired-reads
*Human/mouse/drosophila and custom depletion available on request.
150bp + UMI
335 euro
12+ 373 euro
Nanopore full-length cDNA (mRNA) 50M transcripts (multiplex) 12plex full transcripts 390 euro
Pricing examples. For more detailed quotation or alternative solutions please enquire.
Special read lengths can be used for large projects.

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