04 July 2017

CLINGEN-FVG: Clinical Genomics in Everyday Medicine

IGATech is keeping active in the human genomics field. After the D.NAMICA project in which we applied Whole Exome Sequencing to better understand the genetic characteristics of patients suffering dilatative cardiomyopathy, hepatocellular carcinoma and spinal muscular atrophy, we are moving to the next level by implementing Whole Genome Sequencing to redefine the diagnosis in breast cancer and in patients with behavioral, cognitive and developmental disorders.

10 May 2017

χ-scan: a method to detect mosaic structural variation by examining deviations in SNP relative allele frequencies

Our latest work addresses the need for a method specifically developed for mosaic structural variants (SV) detection from Next Gen sequencing (NGS) data.

22 March 2017

Welcome to our new website!

We finally made it! A brand new - featured - website. We hope this will provide ease of access to all the relevant information regarding our services for loyal and future customers. We thank infoFACTORY for the patient support in the development of the website and graphic creations.