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The Chromatin Epigenetics 


One of the most important steps in the regulation of cell functionality is transcription, which requires its dedicated machinery to access to the genomic template. Some regions of the chromosomes are in an open state and accessible to cellular transcriptional machinery, while the rest (the majority) of the genome is tightly wrapped into chromatin, presenting in a closed, non-accessible state. Heterochromatic (close) are euchromatic (open) regions are dynamically interchangeable as they define the "function" of a cell during important developmental processes when progenitor cells differentiate into specific cell types, defining cell fate.


At IGATech we use ATAC-Seq as a technology of choice to study the chromatin-based regulation of genome activity. 

Depending on the goal of the project, it is possible to choose for the most effective strategy.

  • Bulked approach: (ATAC-Seq DNA librares) are built to compare controlled conditions or distinct tissue types.
  • Single-cell approach: using the Chromium system (10X Genomics) we deliver single-cell ATAC-Seq data for thousands of cells in parallel.

If you are interested in planning your next ATAC-Seq experiment, please contact us and we will discuss your experimental set-up with one of our experts.


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