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Less is more

In large scale experiments cost-effectiveness has to cope with massive panel of samples. A precise genome reduction can therefore provide adequate coverage to pursue robust genotype calls for several thousands of loci for an unbeatable price. Genotyping-by-sequencing has become the system of choice since it provides unbiased discovery and genotyping of diversity in a single - fast - experiment.

IGATech have successfully conducted many genotyping experiments on both plants and animals, with genome size ranging from hundreds of megabases to tens of gigabases. One size does not fit all; we design customized experiment parameters for every project.


Full control of your experiments

Focusing on a specific set of SNPs, genes or genomic locations is a crucial factor to cope with tasks such as local adaptation studies, TILLING, eco-TILLING, fine mapping, WGAS, genomic selection and many others.

IGATech optimized protocols for both hybridization-based and prime-based enrichment procedures, offering flexible optimization depending on whether looking for a tight target genotyping of already known polymorphisms or a full “discovery” approach.


The “Holy Grail”

A continuous advancement in the field of genomic sequencing has opened possibilities to improve the reconstruction of complex genomes, such as those of human, animal and plants. Reconstruction of whole genomes is expected to soon become a routine in genomics research by providing unbiased exploration of the DNA sequences of each individual.

IGATech has a long-standing experience in genome assembly, always adopting the latest technologies, protocols and methods. Our mission is to provide consultancy and expertise to our customers in order to achieve the best and the most convenient strategy for de novo assembly projects.


The world of one molecule

A single experiment allows for gene expression analysis, detection of alternative splicing events, rare or novel transcripts and gene fusions, discovery of SNPs, identification of non-coding RNAs and their targets and measurement of allele-specific expression. Also, single-cell expression is now available to tackle the real complexity of tissues

Our continuous commitment to evaluate and adopt the latest protocols and tools ensures the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective RNA-Seq data. Give more value to your experiments by adopting latest resources in RNA-Seq world.