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14 October 2022

Single primer extension technology for the characterization and management of genebank and prebreeding plant materials

Genotyping technologies include targeted (eg KASP, DNA chips, SPET), semi-targeted (eg GBS) and untargeted (genome sequencing at different depths). Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET) is a robust customizable and high throughput solution for targeted genotyping. SPET relies on the sequencing of a region flanking a primer. Its reliance on single primers, rather than on primer pairs, greatly simplifies panel design and allows higher levels of multiplexing than PCR-based genotyping. Several examples of application of the technology will be given during the webinar, from the characterization of genebank holdings of tomato and  eggplant, deducing their population structure, passport data and probable origin, to the mapping of borders in alien introgressions. Strengths and points requiring caution during panel design will be highlighted.

Introduction: Davide Scaglione, PhD  Chief Technology Innovation Officer - IGA Technology Services

Speaker: Giovanni Giuliano, PhD  Research Director - ENEA