IGA Webinar - Single-cell transcriptomics: key issues, new perspectives, and current challenges in the field

12 July 2022

IGA Live Webinar n.2, was on 11th July, we are sorry we missed you!

But you can watch it again, register here!


Single-cell sequencing technologies can be used to detect the genome, transcriptome and other multi-omics of single cells. Compared to average measurements on bulk populations, single-cell measurements provide a finer-grained picture of complex tissues biology, allowing to investigate cell heterogeneity at a previously unimaginable depth, both within a population and over time. For this reason, single-cell technologies have become fundamental tools in biological analysis. With the concurrent development of new bioinformatics methods for data analysis/integration, and technical advances in microfluidics, high-resolution imaging, and mass spectrometry platforms, single-cell techniques enabled the identification of rare cells populations playing potential functional or pathological roles in different contexts, broadening the understanding of several disease processes, especially in cancer research. This webinar will provide an updated overview of modern and widely used technologies to capture the biological complexity at a single-cell level, together with examples on single-cell transcriptomics data analysis coming from real case scenarios. We will discuss key issues in integrating and analyzing single-cell data, also commenting new perspectives and current challenges in the field.


Emanuela Aleo, PhD - Epigenomics & Single-Cell Lead, IGA Technology Services


Daniele Mercatelli, PhD - Junior Assistant Professor, University of Bologna