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IGATech is now official partner of NRGene

When complex genomes hamper the feasibility of accurate and long-range assembly, DeNovoMAGICTM is the cutting-edge solution to tackle very repetitive, big or polyploid genomes. High quality libraries coupled with world leading assembly algorithm will make you able to obtain a high-quality reference sequence. Many succesful projects with world recognized researchers have been carried out by NRGene. Latest implementation of DeNovoMAGICTM also levarege the power of linked using 3rd generation sequencing technologies.


Beyond the assembly: PanMAGICTM is a full service package which allows the discovery of full genomic variation and deep understanding of structural variation across assembled genomes of the same species. PanMAGICTM provides an accurate comparative analysis to the deliver pan-genomes as exploitable resources for advanced genomics and breeding.


The DeNovoMAGICTM software is fully capable to deal with heterozygous and polyploid genomes.

IGATech, with long standing experience in NGS data production and genome analysis, will provide full service from DNA extraction to the delivery of high-quality reference genome(s) through the DeNovoMAGICTM pipeline, ensuring high quality libraries that meets the algorithm requirements.

For more information about the power of DeNovoMAGICTM and PanMAGICTM, visit NRGene website or download the brochures below.

Documents & Reports

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