For Professionals

Genomics solutions for
human and non-human organisms.


IGATech applies advanced genomics approaches to provide practical solutions for professionals working in food and environmental safety, human health, and plant and animal breeding.

Our services are dedicated to those who wish to exploit the power of cutting-edge sequencing technologies in their strategic fields of application. IGATech is the one-stop shop for ready-for-use comprehensive solutions.


Plant & Animal

  • Plant virome
  • Animal gut microbiome
  • Mycorrhizal community identification
  • Bacterial metagenomic screening
  • WGS metagenomics
  • De novo genome assembly, gene prediction and annotation
  • Identification of SNPs, SVs, CNVs in genomes (whole genome or target)
  • Identification of somatic mutations for clonal fingerprinting
  • Molecular fingerprinting (varietal and pedigree identification)
  • GenotypingBySequencing (target and non-target)
  • NGS-tilling/ecotiling